Thursday, August 21, 2014

Name THAT Quilt!!

So much goes into making a quilt... from choosing the right pattern, to carefully selecting the perfect colors, piecing it all together... then there's the backing....  oh and lets not forget about the binding....  Then there is that all important decision you have to make on just HOW you want it quilted.  Specialty quilting??... Edge-to-edge??... which design to use??.... color of thread??...  Decisions, decisions!!  Then, FINALLY, the beautiful quilt that you have been nursing along comes together and its DONE!!  Such a great relief of satisfaction............. but wait.................. oh NO!  It needs a name!

Are YOU kidding me??   quilts get names??  How... WHY??... does it need a name.  How about we name it Alexis... after all, that's who's getting this one!.. that just won't do!  Picking a name for the quilt seems like its just as important as picking a name for your child.  Ok..ok.. maybe not THAT important.  So... a name.. a name...hmmm... yeah... how about "Colorful Squares"??.. Nah..  "Pretty Rectangles"??  No, that won't do either!  I've got it...... Colorbrick Road??
 YES!  That's it!! Colorbrick Road it is... 

Phew!... now I can say its finally done!  Take a look!!

Always in Stitches,



  1. Your Colour Brick Road is beautiful Carol and the quilting is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your name is great - describes the quilt beautifully. I like the design - sort of a modified log cabin. Very fun.

  3. Like the name you choose - very appropriate. Reminds me of a modified log cabin. Great job - very fun.

  4. Haha! Quilters are tough, not just any name will do! But you picked a good one, sew you are safe to sew another day ;)