Monday, January 26, 2015

Ironing board cover tutorial

I picked up this small sleeve ironing board at the Re-Use It shop the other day for a $1.00
I can't even believe I found such a great find!!!  WHAT A FIND!!! Being a quilter, this little ironing board will be great for pressing open small seams on the fly when I don't want to pull out my big ironing board.

First thing I did was flip it upside-down and cut out my batting, I used 2 layers of Insul-Bright. I trimmed it about an inch from the edge of the board, and clipped the corners around the backside.

Next I slid my fabric under and and measured all the way around leaving 3 inches.

For the corner, I just marked off 3 inch dots going around the outside, and then...

Just connected them...

Then just cut out your pattern!

Sewing it together:
I sewed a rolled hem all the way around.  Since I didn't have a rolled-hem pressed foot, I basted around the curves using a large stitch length, and slightly gathered it so the rolled hem would not pucker and pleat on me...

Then I sewed another hem all the way around, but left about 3/8 inch for my elastic to be fed through.
I left a small opening near the back.  I attached a small safety pin to 1/4 inch elastic and feed it all the way around.  Tied it off, and fits perfectly!!!

Annnnnnnnnd ........ Done!

Always in Stitches!!!!