Saturday, June 21, 2014

More creative things from my "BabyLock"

Ok... as promised... more pics from my sewing corner:

This is Jaimee's quilt.
I finally finished the top, it's called Card Trick.  It kind of reminds me of stained glass.  Almost mesmerizing!

I'm really looking forward to Free-motion quilting it myself.  Been taking some classes to learn how to FMQ on my own sewing machine, AND I JUST got certified on a BabyLock Crown Jewel long-arm machine.  As soon as I feel that I'm ready... I'll be putting my skills to the test!!

Here's another quilt top that I just finished.  This one is called Mason's Lilly.  I took this class in March at the AQS quilt week in Lancaster, PA.  I just finished it recently.  I love the way the green stems pops on the black background.

Here's an on-going project of mine.  I use my quilt scraps, sew them together, and use a template to cut out some tea (or coffee) cozies.   Kind of cute, and in big demand right now.  I've given so many as gifts, and its great because I get to use up a lot of my scraps that would have been otherwise tossed out.  Actually, it's very hard to toss out fabric scraps because I always think that I SHOULD be able to make something else with them.  So, for now, these are where my scraps go.  Maybe someday, I will try my hand at landscape quilting.  

Sew for now... 
I will always be in stitches!!


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