Monday, September 2, 2013

All Good Things come to those who wait!

I'm not new to sewing... As a matter of fact, I kind have been sewing all of my life!  However, I thought that I would start adding some of my handiwork to this blog!

Now, I've never really been into making blankets or quilts, but I thought I might give it a go, since I've recently just purchased a new (to me) beautiful, bouncing Baby(girl)lock sewing machine!  I don't have it yet, because we've been in the middle of buying a house, as I'm not allowed to put this sewing machine purchase on my credit card.  But after October 4, 2013, (settlement date on our new house), I will be making a mad dash to Pottstown Sewing to pick up my little baby that's been patiently waiting for me!  And I have a whole array of projects lined up!!

Therefore, I will be patiently waiting until I can bring my little girl home!

So here's a picture of my "little girl"...  It's the Espire from BabyLock.  I just can't WAIT to take her out for a spin!!!!!

Oh sew pretty!!!

I'm excited!!!

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